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How the West Coast Became Seafood Heaven

A Fisherman's Place - 08 April 2022

How the West Coast Became
Seafood Heaven

A Closer Look at Our Mouthwatering Mother City


“The West Coast is the best coast” is a local saying that is definitely easy to believe. Kilometers of pristine coastline offers up some of the best fishing and mouth-wateringly fresh fish in Cape Town, possibly in the world. Favourites such as fried hake and chips are available, fresh from our teeming oceans, at almost every neighbourhood cafe. More gourmet options such as lobsters (kreef, if you’re a local) appear on the menus of the much bigger, sit down seafood restaurants dotted about the city. Fresh fish in Cape Town is a culture all on its own. But what contributes to a seafood mecca like Cape Town becoming what it is? Let’s take a closer look.

Plentiful Variety

The sheer number of options for fresh fish delivery in Cape Town is staggering. Not only are the Cape coastlines a haven for beachgoers and relaxation seekers, but also an underwater dream world for big game fish such as dorado, yellowtail , big eye and yellowfin tuna. Closer to land you’ll find an abundance of mussels, living out their days in the rocky pools, or fat, juicy prawns hiding out in the mud and sand of our beaches and lagoons. Our access to both the Atlantic (West Coast) and Indian Title How the West Coast Became Seafood Heaven Sub A Closer Look at Our Mouthwatering Mother City Description Pescaluna catches some of the highest quality fresh fish in Cape Town and delivers it straight to your door from our dock in Hout Bay. In this article, Pescaluna unhooks just how the West Coast became seafood heaven. Ocean waters means that there’s fresh fish delivery available in Cape Town and the surrounding areas to suit every palate. Our ocean life is the source of a lot of income for local West Coasters, many workers on the coast forming a part of the fresh fish delivery industry keeps Pescaluna in business.

West Coast Culture

Not only are our restaurants known for offering the best fresh fish in Cape Town, but these delicious sea creatures regularly find their way to home stovetops, braai (barbecue) grills and potjie pots (heavy metal pots, placed directly over coals) across the peninsula. Because the fresh fish delivery is of the highest quality, West Coast culture is abundant with the very best seafood recipes that have often been passed down through the generations, perfected over years and years of use. Locals gather over snoek braais (barbecues) or to crack open and devour salty mussels in backyards and on beaches. If you weren't blessed with the chef gene, no need to worry! Almost every beach has its own seafood restaurant with its own unique specialities ( and fresh fish delivery daily) and stunning ocean views.

Cape Malay Influence

The influence of the Cape Malay people on food culture and culture in general in the Cape Town area cannot be overstated. Brought to the cape by the Dutch East India trading company as slaves (mostly from Indonesia, some even from Brazil and Madagascar), these resilient, warm-hearted people made their home here after the abolition and our country is better for it. Along with the Cape Malay people came their intimate knowledge of cooking and their understanding of just the right combination of spices and flavours for every dish. Many in the Cape Malay community were and still are fishers so naturally one of their best-known specialities is pickled fish, which is usually eaten around Easter. Because fresh fish delivery in Hout Bay (one of the main local fishing spots on the coast) and all over Cape Town is such a great option, you can enjoy these dishes even if you don’t fish yourself!
Fish curry made with hake is another firm local favourite. No foodie excursion around Cape Town would be complete without trying at least one of their comforting yet exotic dishes. Thankfully the fresh fish delivery options (such as Pescaluna) in the Cape are abundant, so you’ll never need to miss out!

Cultural Fusion

More than one culture sharing any space for a long amount of time will always result in cultural fusion - the coming together of more than one culture to form a new tradition or dish. It’s lucky for Cape Town that the flavours and cooking techniques of the cultures that reside here are all so delicious! A melting pot of French, Cape Malay, Dutch, English, Indian, indigenous and Asian food makes for some truly extraordinary combinations. Fresh fish delivery in Cape Town ensures that there’s never a shortage of seafood to grace our tables. A visit to Cape Town would not be complete without a trying at least one (preferably all) of these delicacies:

● Fish and chips : this ever-popular and world-famous staple is done so well in Cape Town. If you’re looking for an authentically local experience, try Kalky’s in Kalk Bay for fresh fish delivery direct from the ocean to your plate. For something with a little history, visit Fish on the Rocks located between Hout Bay (fresh fish delivery in Hout Bay never fails!) harbour and the West Fort Battery.

● Koeksisters, fish curries (made using the tastiest fresh fish in Cape Town) and other Cape Malay delights : Bo Kaap is the place to be for the very best in Cape Malay cuisine, direct from the source. The many restaurants and cafes offer up a wide selection of options to delight the taste buds. Bokaap Kombuis will be waiting to welcome you with open arms.

● Halaal foods/ Asian and Eastern foods : If these tastes are right up your alley, then a stop at the Eastern Food Bazaar is essential. From biryanis to Turkish kebabs to mouth-watering North Indian curries, this is the place to be for a full-on exotic-flavour fusion.

● African Cuisine : While this offers little in the way of seafood (even though fresh fish delivery in Cape Town is the very best), it is a must-try for any foodie making their way across the Cape. Walkie talkies (chicken feet), smileys (sheep’s heads), pot bread, chicken livers, biltong and game meats are all on the menu. Viti Mama Africa in the heart of Cape Town for a sit-down option or try a township tour for street food.

● Seafood : We saved the best for last! Cape Town Fish Market delivers the goods, freshly caught. A comfortable, sit down dining experience, CTFM offers all the seafood delights you could ever hope to enjoy. The quality of fresh fish delivery in Cape Town is truly world-class, and CTFM is no different.

Our Heavenly Hout Bay

The Republic of Hout Bay (as it has been known since the 80s) is one of the single biggest tourist attractions in the whole of the peninsula. Named Hout Baai (Wood Bay) by Dutch settlers in 1653, this little fishing town has a charm all it’s own. Pescaluna has had it’s very own dock in Hout Bay since 2000 and we couldn't be more proud to call this sleepy little town home! Contributing to the fresh fish delivery industry in Cape Town is what we live for. Not only are the fishing and fresh fish delivery options in Hout Bay endless (and delicious) but there are many things to do while away in this tiny town. Walk on the beach, grab an ice cream and wander past the storefronts, head down to the docks for an up-close-and-personal look at the world of fresh fish in Cape Town, take a trip to the Hout Bay Harbour market or the World of Birds or snorkel with the seals-these salty sea dogs are always happy to receive a fresh fish delivery from the locals!

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