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2 Fresh Hake Fillets

2 Fresh Hake Fillets

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This is our pride and joy. Cape Hake is simply the most creamy and succulent fish to be found in South Africa and the world. If treated and prepared well with traditional methods, you'll be left with a piece of fish that is soft in texture and compliments the other flavours on your plate to perfection. 

A raw fillet usually contains roughly 90 calories, 18.5g of protein, and 1.3g of fat. 

Vitamin B12 and B3, potassium, phosphorus and selenium can also be found. Just like its other fish friends contains Omega-3 fatty acids.

Our Hake starts its journey in the North Atlantic and Indian Oceans before making its way to Pescaluna HQ aboard one of our vessels where we keep it fresh in containers of ice. At Pesca HQ, we process and quality control each portion to cut only the best pieces for packing at international standards. 

We catch both deep water (Paradoxus) and shallow water (capensis) Hake which is known as the best Hake in the world due to its texture and taste.

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