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Sweet Braai Snoek

A Fisherman's Place - 19 Jan 2021

Africa's Greatest Recipes

Sweet Braai Snoek

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We’re back again with yet another cult classic recipe for get-togethers on Cape Town’s beaches. Summer just wouldn’t be lekker without a beer and a braai, and what better meat to braai than a stukkie snoek? It’s simple, easy and great for slapping on the coals.

Pescaluna, a captain of great quality fresh fish and sustainable fishing in Cape Town, has partnered with South African celebrity chef, Reuben Riffel, to bring you Africa’s Greatest fresh fish dishes. Head off to Cape Town’s beautiful coast and whip out your grid for this truly local, African-inspired whole snoek on a braai dish. Or better yet! We’ll deliver the fresh fish straight to you from our dock in Hout Bay while you get the coals ready!

Fresh fish delivery in Cape Town

What a catch!

Pescaluna catches some of the highest quality fish in Cape Town and delivers fresh fish straight to your door from our dock in Hout Bay, and the best part is that we’re 100% sustainable in our practice. For the fish dish of the day, we’re happy to give you a breakdown of the snappy snoek.

The Cape Snoek is a member of the mackerel family and is found off the coasts of South Africa, Chile and New Zealand. Snoek is a notorious opponent among fishermen; it leaps out of the water snapping and floundering, with razor-sharp teeth and prickly fins. For Pescaluna, it is worth the battle to deliver fresh snoek fish straight to your door.

This species of fish has a significant presence in the history and development of the Western Cape as many fishermen make a living off these lively creatures - and so do we! We are 100% sustainable in our fishing practice and don’t pick fights with our sea creatures.

Slaan my dood met ‘n pap snoek

“Slaan my dood met ’n pap snoek” is an old saying in Afrikaans that means “that’s remarkable”.

It gets its meaning from the tendency of snoek flesh to turn soft, rendering it a powerless weapon. So as soon as a snoek is caught, the fisherman must buckle down to prevent its flesh from turning into an undesirable pulp. Pescaluna delivers fresh fish to your door in Cape Town, straight from our dock in Hout Bay - minus the mush.

Although the Cape snoek is often seen as a lower-value fish, it is an incredibly high and healthy source of protein, with a surprisingly low-fat content, among other benefits:

Cape snoek has a fat content of less than 4%.

2. Snoek is high in the "good" fatty acid, eicosapentaenoic acid. .

3. Snoek is high in omega-3.

4. Snoek has a higher protein content than that of other marine fish species such as hake, cod and sea bass.

5. Snoek is high in manganese, phosphorus and vitamin B6. 

“Hake longline fish is our speciality and it finds high demand in markets all over the world including, but not limited to, Spain and France where it is enjoyed as Africa's Greatest Catch.

We provide fresh and frozen fish around the world with over 20 years of experience in sustainable fishing practices and culinary knowledge.”
- Team Pesca

To braai, or not to braai

Whole snoek on the braai

Our next simple, yet delicious recipe calls for zesty, chargrilled goodness and an ice-cold bezza. If you’re not on the beach and have opted for an at-home braai instead, hold the door while we deliver fresh fish straight to your door in Cape Town, and whip up a batch of sweet potatoes to go with your snoek.


● 1 whole snoek, butterflied 
● ⅓ tin of smooth apricot jam
● 2 garlic cloves, crushed
● 1 tablespoon of olive oil
● Juice of 1 lemon, plus slices for braaiing
● 2 tablespoons of fennel seeds
● Oyster sauce
● Salt and pepper
● Red onion

Lemon-butter cream

● 100g unsalted butter
● ½ cup of cream
● Juice of 1 lemon

Sweet potatoes

● Orange sweet potatoes
● Star anise
● Butter
● Honey
● Rosemary
● Sea salt


The Method

1. Mix the jam, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, fennel seeds and a big splash of oyster sauce to make a marinade. Season to taste.
2. Sprinkle the fresh fish with a little salt and pepper and brush the marinade all over it. Leave the fish in the fridge for 30 minutes, until the coals are ready.

3. Place it in a braai grid with some lemon slices and cook the fish, basting it regularly, until it is charred and the marinade glazes on the skin. 

4. Heat the lemon-butter cream ingredients together in a pot and drizzle it over the fish to serve.

5.  Quarter the potatoes and boil them for 8 minutes. Place them in a roasting tray with the rest of the ingredients, roast them until they are well glazed and golden brown.


- I have so many happy memories of our whole family gathering at the beach and having a snoek braai. The fish was always simply done, and eaten with a braaibroodjie (a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich done on the coals).

The best snoek is the one with apricot jam, garlic and some good old-fashioned Worcestershire sauce that everyone has in their cupboard, and which most people use as a key ingredient in their own ‘secret sauce’.

There’s no shame in that!

Snoek on the braai doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact, it shouldn’t be complicated. I’ve used oyster sauce and added fennel seeds because I think it adds a nice dimension. But that’s just me. I’m not trying to be fancy, I just like fennel.”

- Reuben Riffel

The Brewery

Paired with Craft Gin

Yes, white wine is a typical winner with fresh fish dishes and a general go-to, but it’s not always as exciting as a craft one, and you’re in luck! We live in a time where beer can be revered as wine when it comes to food pairings. Cape Town has some delicious craft beers to choose from which will compliment your fresh fish dish.

Lighter beers (like pale ales) are perfect for lighter, more citrus-centred seafood flavour profiles, while darker beers (like a stout) are more suited to richer and heavier flavour profiles.

● CBC Amber Weiss

● CBC Krystal Weiss

● Cederberg Brewery Boggom

● Darling Brew Bone Crusher

● Devils Peak First Light 

● Franschhoek Liberty Apa


Pescaluna’s next great fresh fish catch is being reeled in as we drool over this tasty snoek recipe. They deliver straight to your door in Cape Town, from their dock in Hout Bay - in case you were planning on snorkelling for more fish to keep up with these delicious recipes.

If you’re ready for more fresh fish dishes, join us in the kitchen, as Reuben Riffel conjures up and prepares yet another contemporary, African-inspired fresh fish dish.

Bon Voyage!

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