Inspiring People to Love Fish

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Our History

Originating in Hout Bay and servicing a global market, Pescaluna is truly a symbol of South African success stories where a group of companies saw an opportunity in combining their strengths to achieve a better outcome for all.

Beginning with the unity of Mossel Bay Fishing, Boloko Trading and Pescaluna as a marketing spearhead. 

Hake longline fish is our specialty and it finds high demand in markets all over the world including, but not limited to, Spain and France where it is enjoyed as Africa's Greatest Catch.

Growing International Trade

We provide fresh and frozen fish around the world with over 20 years of experience in sustainable fishing practices and culinary knowledge.

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Our Captain

Managing Director, Gas Fernandes

“The building blocks are the relationship between our customers' demands and our fishermen's supply. Seeing how they come together for mutual benefit keeps the Pescaluna team going.”

As the founder and managing director of Pescaluna Gas takes pride in helping to maintain our voyage of growth and adding value to our immediate and international communities. His favourite fish dish is a fresh yellowtail grilled and served next to an even fresher green salad.


We create moments where people can come together over full plates of succulent fish.

Using our age-old fishing wisdom and culinary knowledge, we’re delighted to teach our customers all about the delicious habits of responsible fish consumption.


This is not a call for comfort or pretty pleasantries, this is our way of being. Fishing is a hard-earned art when you realise you’re on the ocean’s stage. Dancing to the rhythm of its tides with nothing but the sturdiness of mind and of your trusted vessel.

The more we respect its residents, the better it treats us. This a culture of wholesome community-values nourished with authenticity and where the craft of sustainable fishing is nurtured by an honest day’s work. Where stories of the day’s catch are shared and passed down from one generation to the next.

It’s about the people and celebrating everyday life in a fisherman’s village. Being a part of a neighbourhood where everyone’s always onboard - whether at sea or in the factory.

It’s not just about our company or our fishermen, it’s about the togetherness we feel as a community. Sharing in the laughter around a table, where full plates of fresh fish mean full hearts.

This is about a village, keeping it local and keeping it real in the place we call the Fisherman’s Home.