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A Fisherman's Place - Nov 18 2020

What is Africa's Greatest Catch?

Defining African Fishing Greatness

Africa's Greatest Series Launching Soon

Pescaluna’s latest initiative is the 'Africa’s Greatest' Series; we unite with icons in the local culinary and craft world to bring you incredibly delicious African-inspired fresh fish dishes with a contemporary flair, and pair it with some of the best craft gin, local wine and beer Cape Town has to offer.

The craft scene in the Mother City has grown immensely over the years and from it, incredible culinary fusions were born.We’ve partnered with South African celebrity chef, Reuben Riffel and we’ve conjured up three mouth-watering recipes for you to try at home.

Before you pack your fishing gear, here’s what you need to know about Pescaluna; our captains of fresh fish delivery in Cape Town, who are 100% sustainable in their fishing practice.

From Port to Pescaluna

The Heart of the Cape: Our Pride and Joy

In the small town of Hout Bay, we find Pescaluna, our fishermen-in-arms, who not only services Cape Town, but ships Africa’s Greatest Catches to the global market. Hout Bay is often referred to as the Heart of the Cape and is only a short 20-minute drive from the Cape Town city centre. 'Houtbaai' was named by Dutch explorers, and it name (translated) literally means Wood Bay.

It was described by Jan van Riebeeck as having the most beautiful forests he had ever seen. The timber from the forests was used to help build the fort surrounding Cape Town and the port that followed, which grew to become Cape Town city.

Over the years Hout Bay has become a very popular seaside resort town and it is recognised as one of South Africa’s leading destinations for both locals and international tourists alike.

Fresh Fish in Cape Town: the Dock-to-Door Approach

It is not difficult to see why Pescaluna would lay in its centre. In the Heart of the
Cape, we inspire people to love fish. Beginning with the unity of Mossel Bay Fishing, Boloko Trading and Pescaluna as a marketing spearhead, they are a symbol of South African success stories. A group of companies saw an opportunity in combining their strengths to achieve a better outcome for all.

Celebrating our local succulent prowess, we now provide this literal world-class freshness from our dock in Hout Bay to your door with next-day delivery within 20km of the city centre. We deliver fresh fish to your door in Cape Town, straight from our dock in Hout Bay. Our fresh fish menu is filled with Africa’s Greatest Catches, perfect for a contemporary, African-inspired seafood dish.

“Hake longline fish is our speciality and it finds high demand in markets all over the world including, but not limited to, Spain and France where it is enjoyed as Africa's Greatest Catch.

We provide fresh and frozen fish around the world with over 20 years of experience in sustainable fishing practices and culinary knowledge.”
- Team Pesca

A Vessel for Sustainability

Sustainable Fishing

The idea around sustainable fishing is that it is one that is harvested at an enduring rate; so that the marine population does not decline over time because of malicious and unethical fishing practices. It takes into account theoretical disciples such as the population dynamics of fisheries, accompanied by practical applications to avoiding overfishing.

There are many strategies and techniques in play when it comes to sustainable
fishing; individual fishing quotas, setting up protected areas, the restoration of collapsed fisheries, educating stakeholders and the general public, and by incorporating all the external factors involved in harvesting marine ecosystems into fish farmery economics.

Social Sustainability

When it comes to maintaining a biological, social and economic system, we  consider both the health of the human ecosystem, as well as the marine ecosystem. By rotating among multiple species, a fishery can easily deplete individual stocks and yet still be seen as being sustainable if the ecosystem retains its essential integrity. If this is the only sustainable strategy within a fishery, it can potentially lead to the reduction and extinction of certain species.

A fishery is considered socially sustainable if they can maintain the ability to deliver products that society can buy and use, and Pescaluna swears by that! We reject the indiscriminate capture of endangered species or those without commercial value. We empowered our fellow team member from Hout Bay and South Africa to do more and be better fishers - whether at sea or the factory.

Fresh Fish Delivery in Cape Town

Fisheries have for long been a source of livelihood for over 500 million people across the world in developing countries. Pescaluna is in the same boat and continues to service Cape Town’s market and several other global markets, such as Spain, France and Portugal.

We deliver fresh fish to your door in Cape Town, straight from our dock in Hout Bay.
Our fresh fish menu is filled with Africa’s Greatest Catches, perfect for a
contemporary, African-inspired seafood dish.

Fresh Tuna is a meatier fish with a rich and strong flavour profile due to its high oil content.

We have cleaned and cut the Tuna into convenient (250g - 280g) portions meaning it
goes straight on your grill.

2 Fresh Tuna Steaks
2 Fresh Tuna Steaks

2 Fresh Tuna Steaks

R 150.00
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Fresh Yellowtail has subtle hints of sweetness and moderately high levels of fat, which
gives the fish a buttery texture.

Often confused with Tuna, this fish is milder in complexity and therefore easier on the palate.

1 Fresh Yellowtail Fillet
1 Fresh Yellowtail Fillet
1 Fresh Yellowtail Fillet

1 Fresh Yellowtail Fillet

R 125.00
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Frozen Lobster Tails are one-a-kind with succulent and sweetmeat. Their tails
usually offer the most tender flesh and are the most iconic in flavour.

6 Frozen Rock Lobster Tails (South Coast)
6 Frozen Rock Lobster Tails (South Coast)
6 Frozen Rock Lobster Tails (South Coast)
6 Frozen Rock Lobster Tails (South Coast)
6 Frozen Rock Lobster Tails (South Coast)

6 Frozen Rock Lobster Tails (South Coast)

R 650.00
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Africa's Greatest Series

Local is Lekker

Fishing is definitely one of those activities that everyone should try at least once in their life. It’s an activity for most that’s fun, easy to learn and affordable, and for some, it brings them so much pleasure they make a living off of it.  

Due to low opportunity costs associated with various forms of fishing and factors such as low capacity requirements, enjoyment of the activity and tradition, the participation in fishing has for long ensured a positive association with higher occupational diversity and more integrated agricultural activities.

For many fishermen, the activity has strengthened their livelihoods. Fishing is more than just a sport; it is a lifelong skill that can be passed down from one generation to the next.


With that, we cast off, boats against the current, into the deep waters, to bring you Africa’s Greatest Catch! Join us in the kitchen when we unbox three flavourful fresh
fish dishes, delivered straight to Reuben’s restaurant in Cape Town, from our dock in Hout Bay.

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