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Prawn Meat 26/30

Prawn Meat 26/30

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All of the juicy, sweet meat and none of the hassle. Our large Vannamei

Our Vannamei Prawn Meat 26/30 is of the highest quality, perfect for use in a variety of different recipes. Rich in flavor and tender in texture, this delicious prawn meat provides a unique seafood taste in every bite. Averaging 26-30 pieces per 800g, our prawn meat is sure to delight.

Prawns boast lobster-like textures that carry sweet flavour. Coldwater prawns hold sweeter, more succulent profiles and on average have a tendency to be richer in comparison to, the alternative, farmed prawns.

A serving size (112g) contains roughly 70 calories, 15g of protein, and 1g of fat. 
Also a great source of vitamins A & C, calcium and iron. 

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